Bring Back Connie Britton For The Nashville Series Finale

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For four seasons while Nashville aired on ABC the fans fell in love with the characters and the story lines. In 2016 when ABC decided to pull the plug on our beloved show, we, the fans fought to get it back. We were all over joyed when CMT picked up the show and promised us that they would cherish it and build on the characters and stories we already loved. That didn't turn out quite the way they promised. Not even halfway in to the fifth season Rayna Jaymes was killed off and things have only gone downhill from there. These characters we fell in love with have turned into parodies of themselves and the show is no longer recognizable as what we fell in love with. We were told that these past two seasons were supposed to be for the fans after all the hard work we have done. We ask that the show runners right this shit before it's too late. Give all these characters the ending they deserve and give the majority of fans what we went, bring back Connie Britton for the finale. There are so many ways her return could be done and stay true to the spirit of the show. We want our show back we want to send it out the way it came in. #NashvilleLegacy #BringBackRayna #RaynaLegacy