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The real motive of the organisation PETA is to nuture the MultiNational Companies and for that they are trying to ban the old tradition and belief of Tamil people.
Since theAnimal welfare board is under the control of central government,election should be conducted periodically for positions.but even after 15years,the chairman and vice chairman havent changed.
After the ban of Jallikattu ,the members of the board themselves demanded that these two persons should resign but no action is taken right now.
PETA was not the only organisation behind the ban,There were many org like blue cross, people for animals and cupa.All these come under Federation of India Animal Protection Organization.This federation is under the complete control of chinny krishna.Crores and crores have been given as donation to these organization from MNC'S.Apart from this, a part of amount is alloted to these organization from out budget.This amount will be distributed by Animal Welfare Board, other words the board which is under chinny krishna distributes the amount.cases filed against them,The accusation is that,the distribution of this amount has been involving a huge scam.95% of amount has beeen given to only three organisations.
This amount should have been distributed among the 3500 NGO those that comed under AWBI.But it has been shared between just three organisations.This case didnt move to next stage.Other than this,the organisation that will give commission will receive amount.

During Chennai floods,There was an anouncement from Blue Cross that, they do not have money to treat animals and invited people to donate So they can treat the animals.But they had 1.35 crores in their fixed deposits.They could have medicines with this amounnt cant they?
So their motive was to collect money in the name of charity and use it for their purpose.Show forged accounts to show they spent the money for medicine and also they can earn a good name from the people too.
Next is Kosala,It gathers the cows and bulls that is being sold and take them to custody.This was functioning properly until it was under the control of jains,Once the multi national company took over,It become business then.
They began abducting cows from the market and demanded money form the sellers to buy it.More than 5000 cows were given to Blue cross from chennai.Those cows were in streets,so they asked Blue Corss to protect it.The current situation of them is a question mark.when asked under the RTI,government is silent.In total,Laws and Government are in favour of them.

The lead PETA OF INDIA ,MRS POORVA JOSHIPURA is considered as an Indian by all but she is an Amerian citizen.She has described Jallikattu as an inhuman and violent sport.Why are we not getting anger,when someone from other country describes our own cultural sport like that?
They wont question the Army for using HORSES AND CAMELS.They wont question the police for using the dogs.Horse racing where the horses are being used to race against eachother.Inthis sport,when a horse grows short from birth,they will shoot it.When a horse looses continuously they will shoot it,They will not question against it.Because so many top level people are playing it as well as conducting it.They know if they qyestion this,PETA INDIA,will get a major blow.But they have come to destroy the entire country cows by banning jallikattu.because the people behind this are poor farmers,whos gonna ask if they are hit.
The reason for the youngsters to support PETA is that,when the starts from sports and cinema promote,we will buy them easily.The same way Madhavan when he was giving continous hits ,Minnale was given an award called "BEST VEGETARIAN".Dhanush was awarded in 2011,Recently,Amy Jackson and Hema malini were awarded.
Inthe same way,the stars were made us ambassadors through awards.Another important thing is that,ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION in which animals are artificially breeded,is against the codes of PETA.but they will not speak about it.They cannont oppose it as strongly as they stood against jallikattu,because their financial source,is being provided by the companies that do business by selling this artificial insemination serums.This is just a puppet of them.We have lost all the animals that have been living with us as a part of our culture.The only thing we have left is our brother like cows and bulls.we should not lose them too.we shall give our voice for it

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