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CMSD Uniform Change/No Uniforms or Dress Code

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I've been in the CMSD school district for almost nine years now and I'm fed up with this backwards notion that uniformity is the best way to go. In the past few years we have seen children and youth stand up for their rights in miraculous ways, but our school system still believes that this old fashioned idea of having "uniform" is the best way to go. Sure our scholars are doing good and going to college. We like to see that. What we don't like to see though is kids fully expressing themselves in one of the only ways they know how and that's through fashion. When we do get into the workforce there will of course be a set way we must dress, but who says French Toast shirts and plain black and white uniform pants and slacks is all we'll be limited to? In the workforce we have a colorful array of attire to choose from but we still know how to dress appropriately. I'm not asking for us to be allowed to wear "booty shorts" or "crop tops" but we should at least have more freedom in what we wear because I can't express my individuality when I look like the next girl. My old school which was also in the CMSD school district allowed us to have different colored polos. That's a start that I'd like to see that moves us closer to being able that have more options in what we wear to school.

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