Tamil Nadu: Justice for Jeyaraj and Bennicks, Punish the Culprits

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The news of the police brutality in Tamil Nadu has shaken me to my core. Father-son duo Jeyaraj and Bennicks died after being taken into custody, detained and beaten up as per multiple media reports. Their crime? Keeping their timber shop open beyond 9pm!

Sign my petition seeking justice for them by ensuring that the culprits as punished as per law.

Violence has a very long history. And so in order to control it, a constitution was made. Where the public is required to abide by it. But what happens when these very institutions provoke violence? Where does the public go? Can discipline be brought out through violence? Do these institutions give certain individuals the power to resort to unnecessary violence? 

Police detained P.Jeyaraj, a 59 yr old trader from Sathankulam on June 19, for opening shop beyond 9 pm and remanded both him and son under sections 188, 269, 294(b), 353 and 506(2) of IPC. But later, when Jeyaraj's son Bennicks (31) questioned the officials as to why they are brutally beating his father, the officials took the son also under custody under no charges but simply because he questioned. They were shifted to Kovilpatti sub-jail where both of them were brutally beaten up for no reason. In spite of pleading multiple times, both the father and son were heavily injured by the police and were also kept in jail fully naked, without proving them with the basic human right they deserve. This inhumane act by the policemen cost the life of J. Bennicks, (son) on Monday night and P.Jeyaraj(father) on Tuesday morning.

As a result of this inhuman act, all the policemen got was a suspension and a transfer order. 

Sign my petition demanding that the culprits be punished as per law.

The goals we try to achieve are the following:

1) justification of the poor action taken by the higher authorities on these policemen, rather criminals for unjustly murdering two people

2) increasing the awareness among the common public, especially students who have the power to take this pressing issue to the attention of higher authorities.

It is only public pressure that will make the system take action and deliver justice. Please raise your voice as a responsible citizen.