Stop destruction of Musgrave field AND support childcare!

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►  The School District plans to build TWO 30’ x 60’ buildings on Willows School’s Musgrave field for childcare facilities to open this September. This will double the number of detached buildings on this site.

ISSUE: More childcare spaces are definitely needed in the Oak Bay area, BUT Willows School’s Musgrave field is the WRONG location... and here’s why:

*   DESTROYING A FIELD needed for students and the community: Willows is the largest elementary school in the District and is overcrowded… meaning, among other things, students get just one gym class a week! Outdoor space plays an important part in their active day. These new buildings would leave less than half of Musgrave field for students and community sports.

TRAFFIC! The traffic around Willows Elementary is dangerous and chaotic during drop off and pick up times. Adding on-site daycare would escalate this terrible situation. Oak Bay Police and Fire have been concerned about the traffic situation for some time. This is a big safety issue.

SOLUTIONS:  WHY add traffic to an already congested area?  WHY destroy a school field, removing community green space? WHY create a “trailer park” at a neighbourhood school?

There ARE solutions!

1.  Uplands Elementary School on Henderson Rd. Number one alternative location.

- Closed years ago – now used by international students who do not use the fields
- Convenient, easily accessible location for parents
- Land is already owned by the School District and is not being used
- Plenty of existing on-site parking.

2.      Richmond Elementary School: Second alternative location for planned daycare facilities.

- Closed years ago – talk is that this school may need to re-open to take pressure off Oaklands and Willows schools, BUT there is still plenty of available space on the back side

- Convenient and nearby location for Oak Bay parents

- Land already owned by the School District.

►   With excellent alternative locations... we need to make our voices heard.

►   WHAT CAN I DO?  Time is running out, as the district is fast tracking these buildings!  Please call and/or write the school district and Oak Bay Council ASAP and let them know:

1.  That you support childcare

2.  That this is the wrong place because Willows School and playgrounds are already overcrowded. 


- Jordan Watters, Chair, Victoria School Board:
- Mark Walsh, Secretary Treasurer, SD61:   ph: 250-475-4106
- Chuck Morris, Director of Facilities, SD61:  ph: 250-920-3400                     - Oak Bay Council:

Please take action ASAP!