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Promod Borthakur’s response

Oct 26, 2018 — At the outset let me say that I was shocked to learn from the media and TV channels that small school children were forced to go to school by crossing a river on cooking utensils endangering their precious lives on a daily basis. The school in question was the Paschim Kuwaroti LP school that falls within my Legislative Constituency of Biswanath.

It need not be said that had the local community of that area or the school governing body brought this matter to my notice earlier, corrective action would have been undertaken immediately by the concerned authorities as the school has been in operation since the year 2001-2002.

However, it needs to be also mentioned that for the students of Polokhoni area on the other bank of the river Gildhari, the Polokhoni LP School is around 1.5 kms away. However, since the Paschim Kuwaroti LP School is just across the river on the other bank, the students prefer this school irrespective that there is no bridge to crossover and hence always endangering their lives.

As an elected representative of the people it is my utmost duty to resolve these issues of my constituents. Accordingly, I along with the district administration officials visited the area on 29th September and took stock of the situation and committed to construct a bridge over the river in line with my commitment for the same made in the Legislative Assembly on 27th September.

It is with humility that I can say today that the construction of a wooden bridge of 36 meters length has commenced since yesterday, the 24th of October. In the presence of the local community members the work was started and I have given a commitment to complete the same within the next 3 months. The progress for the same will be personally monitored by me so that the bridge is completed at the earliest and the local community and students will never have to risk their lives daily just to attend school. We owe this definitely to our children.

Also check this news link and the photograph attached:

Thank you.

Promod Borthakur
MLA, Biswanath Constituency, Assam