Declare the Sattal forests a conservation reserve

Declare the Sattal forests a conservation reserve

12 April 2021
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CMO, Uttarakhand (Chief Minister’s Office) and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Aagnay Budhraja

The future of Sattal’s lakes and forest are at a huge risk!

Home to over 525 varieties of butterflies and over 500 species of birds including The Red Headed Vulture (Critically Endangered), Cireneous Vulture (Near Threatened), Grey Crowned Prinia (Vulnerable), Pallas’s Fish Eagle (Endangered), as well as other flora and fauna like the King Cobra (Vulnerable), Himalayan Serow (Vulnerable), Foxtail Orchid (Endangered), the world’s largest moth - Atacus Atlas, Sattal is also a refuge to high quality oak-dominated hardwood forests (which are currently endangered in Kumaon region, due to pine invasion, fire and fragmentation), which need to be protected URGENTLY!

At an altitude of 4000 feet this exotic amalgamation of nature is at risk of being destroyed under the garb of ‘beautification’.

At an estimated cost of INR 6-7 Cr. there is a plan to ‘DEVELOP’ the area around the Sattal lakes and forest to make way for shops, parking, children’s park, view point, plantation, etc. All this under the veil of ‘LAKE SIDE DEVELOPMENT’ by government authorities.

This proposal has the potential to wreak havoc in the area and needs to be stopped NOW!

It is not about one project. It is about saving the home of thousands of species of flora and fauna.

We need the people’s power to request the authorities to declare Sattal a CONSERVATION RESERVE AND STOP ACTIVITY THAT WILL DESTROY THE ECOLOGY OF THE AREA.

Getting Sattal the status of a CONSERVATION RESERVE will help PRESERVE THE ECOLOGY of the area.


It is people like you who can influence change.


Sign this petition NOW!


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Support now
Signatures: 37,696Next Goal: 50,000
Support now