waive off school fees during lockdown period till schools going to reopen.

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Sub- waive off school fees during lockdown period till school going to reopen.

Dear Minister,

We always respect the education system, but nowadays it business. We are parents are suffering lots in this lockdown period.

Due to the lockdown since 20th march 2020, the earning members of the families are at home and there is no source of income in the family. The small businessman is affected badly as there is no income coming and savings are been used. Secondly, the families who do not have their own house are also worried about paying rent of the house.

Still many private schools from Maharashtra started their 2-3 hours online classes during lockdown period after 12th of April 2020.

Online Classes are not effective and will not be going to give the output parents are expecting. There are many reasons for the same. Some reasons are as bellows.

1.       Online classes in most of the schools are from 10 am onwards, which is the official time of parents and they have their office work or domestic work. So they are not able to share their mobile or laptop with the children.

2.       Many parents are out of cities at their native places and because of that, they don’t have a good network at their place.

3.       Teachers ask students to take screenshots or notes of the class, which is not possible for children and that’s the reason parents have to sit with them, which is practically not possible every day.

4.       If classes are not effective and not possible for everyone, then why school should charge for the period of April till starting schools again.

5.       The gimmick of starting these online E-learning classes in order to justify charging the fees is all the more shameful. The quality of education through these classes is another low. They have become a burden on parents as everything the parents need to teach their kids, make them understand, help them with the assignments. Teachers are not even bothering to correct the sent assignment and send it back. How do you justify the full TUITION fees too? Neither the students nor the teachers or the system is ready and equipped with these online classes. These are a sheer waste of time and energy. As of now, peace of mind is more important and we need to accept the current situation. This too shall pass and we can lighten the studies burden for this year (Anyways it’s a matter of about a month's syllabus)

6.       Also, I would like to bring another important matter to your notice. These schools take full fees during the time of summer vacation too. It's the first time that they had to forgo only a month's fees (march fees are already given and 2 months are anyways summer vacations so fees of April month only) due to a Pandemic Crisis but these heartless greedy minds couldn't even do that for the future of the county.

7.       And what happened to the cores of money they have in their SURPLUS FUNDS. Can't they pay their staff with that money which is also indirectly given by parents only?

So I request you, please give instructions to all private schools for Maharashtra to waive off all fees from 1st standard to 9th standard during lockdown period till school going to reopen.

Thanking you with regards,

Sincerely ,


Dr.Prashant Khande


Akhil Rayatsevak Krantikari Sangh