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24x7 quality Power supply in rural areas in Kolkata

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Hi, I'm Sandipan Guha, aged 24, a middle class person suffering from poor electricity problem in my area. I'm a game developer and my most of my works depends on my computer. But in current situation, I can't work properly because of random power cuts and voltage drop downs throughout the day, every single day, every week.

I sit down to do something important, then suddenly power-cut! It comes back after 2-3mins, somethings more than that. Then I resume my work and after few minutes power goes out again. How I expect to hold concentration on my work with this crisis? The shops in my area gets irritated too, most of them relies on power to earn money and with no power they basically chase flies. 

If you really want encourage home-based industries then improve the quality of power supply in rural areas effectively, immediately. This is 21st century and Electricity is a basic right of living.

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