Proposal for Marijuana Legislation Change

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The legalization of marijuana has little to no effect of relevant crime rates or the amount of illegal distribution. Growing and selling marijuana is still considered a federal offense in many states. However, the amount of people who purchase and distribute marijuana has not decreased. Many consumers are loyal to their existing marijuana dealers, regardless of any laws that are in place. Because a decrease in illegal marijuana distribution and crime did not occur after law changes, it is safe to say that legalization provided little to no relief for the criminal justice system overall. Many people are incarcerated on drug related offenses where the herb is not completely legal, but the distribution was non-criminal or non-violent. The problem that lies within our topic is that many people are incarcerated or put through the justice system for the distribution of marijuana, but the offenses are minor and did not cause harm.

Goals For Change:

Propose that the state of Connecticut follow the legislative model of those existing states where purchase and distribution is currently legal as a baseline to introducing legalization.
Offer possible permit distribution for those interested in selling marijuana at the independent and larger retail level.
Advocate support of marijuana legalization in order to decrease the number of criminal offenses related to non-violent marijuana distribution, thus hoping to decrease the crime rate overall.