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This petition directly talks about DPS Indirapuram’s unjustified fee hike, fee structure and posing ahead of school mafia(ism).

How comfortable, as parents are we, with the robust and unjustified structure of school fees that we pay every year, year on year? We just become a meek spectator and a puppet in the hands of the private schools that make their school fee structure amazingly enormous. 

They charge Sky High Annual Fees, Tuition Fees, Activity Fees, Computer Fees (over n above tuition fees), Smart Board Fee, Student Welfare Fee, Books Fee, Answer Sheet Fee, so on and so forth.

If Computers are a part of the curriculum, then why should the "computer fee" NOT be a part of the tuition fee? 

When they are charging for a huge sum as "annual fee" then why would they charge fees like "activity or smart board or student wellfare" over and above it? 

How many of us remember to have paid for the mere "Answer Sheets" that our school used to provide us during exams? 

Lets do the Math: 

(A 12-14 year old school takes about INR 1,25,000-2,10,000 as total fees for a year from a student. If there are about 6000 students in that school, how much do they get as Fees only? ) And mind it...!!! They still show that they make ZERO PROFIT in their accounts book! 

Some groups of parents have already begun this drive in the Delhi NCR (Gurgaon, Indirapuram, Noida, Vasundhara) area and I seek help from every parent who is under the same pain as ours! 

If you have tweaked your brows the moment you get the fee booklet at the start of every Fiscal Year, from the school, then you must sign this and let the change happen. 

The schools have forgotten one major thing... let's make them remember - 

If there are No Students in your School, you will no longer be a School! 

No Students  No School!