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How can we send our daughters & sisters to study in unsafe colleges of Uttar Pradesh?

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This is to bring to your notice the incident which took place with my younger sister on 31st October 2017 at 8:30 PM.

My sister is doing her Bachelor in Dental Surgery from Dental College, Lucknow. She has been a topper in her college for 3 years and the classes of her 4th year has just started. The culprit (a senior student of same college) was threatening & forcing my sister to meet him and get in a relationship with him for long time, we have phone recordings & messages of all the threats he had given. He threatened my sister with the threats like he will throw acid on her, he will kill our family members etc. He even used to mention proudly that he will give some money to police and remain scot-free. My sister submitted written complaint against violent behavior of the culprit in college Principal’s office in May 2016 but no action was taken & my sister was advised by college Principal to not to tell anybody about this so the culprit continued his threats. My sister was constantly under duress because of which she never told anybody about these threats in the family. This case is complex because college security & members of college administration are also hands in gloves with the culprit whose father is retired army official.

On 31st October she was taking a walk with her friends within the college campus outside girls hostel. A senior student of same college who had written his final exam of MDS attacked her from behind. He held her left hand & made 12-14 cuts on her wrist trying to cut her veins. He also kicked my sister in stomach & choked her throat. When my sister ran to security guard for help, he not only didn’t do anything but also when she tried to defend herself by taking guard’s stick to hit the culprit, the security guard snatched away the stick from her. All of this happened within the college campus. After cutting my sister’s wrist, beating her & smashing her iPhone to pieces the culprit left the campus shouting threats to her.

My sister has one more year of medical studies left & the culprit roaming around freely is not only life threatening to her but also unfortunate & dangerous for other women.

I am requesting your involvement & help in this matter so that local police arrests the culprit so that he can be brought to justice & my sister’s as well as other women safety is ensured. Hoping positive response from you so that my sister can continue her studies without fear in the college campus.

Thank You.




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