Demand to WB Government to stop communal Rath Yatra by BJP and Pavitra Yatra by TMC

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The Honorable Chief Minister,
Government of West Bengal, India

Sub: Demand to the Government of West Bengal to stop the communal Rath Yatra programme by BJP and Pavitra Yatra by the TMC

Honorable Madam,
It is an impetus that being bereft of all grievances and economic issues of the common working people, the BJP has opted for communal polarization in West Bengal through its agenda of Rath Yatra scheduled to begin from 7th December, 2018. By virtue of a long history of progressive and Left movements, our province has been ignorant of the communal fabric of the saffron provinces of our country. However, the policies of religious appeasement adopted presently by the Government of West Bengal is serving no better but sharpening the communal polarization thereby proving itself to be a reliable ally and catalyst of such anti-secular saffronization. Moreover, a religious march organized by the ruling Party with all kinds of administrative facilities, be it at the centre or in the province, is a strict violation of the secular outlook envisioned in the Article 15, Clause (1) and (2) of the Constitution of India which advices the State neutrality in matters of religion. Though doubtless of the anti-people policies of your government which is forcing the common people of our province to opt for unreliable alternatives, we advise you to refrain from such a heinous violation of the constitution since it will only foster chaos and anarchy accelerated to a greater extent than ever.

Therefore, in this situation of communal instigations of breakdown of law and order as indicated by the hate speeches of the saffron leaders, we strongly demand that your government stop both, the proposed Rath Yatra programme of the BJP, and its counterpart, the equally regressive and reactionary Pavitra Yatra of the TMC. This is undoubtedly permissible according to the Article 25, Clause (2) (a) of the Constitution of India which allows the State to restrict any political activity associated with religious practice.

Demanding a quick administrative action,

Basudev Nag Chowdhury,
People's Brigade