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Noida - Urban Village with civic departments but rotten system

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Having lived in Noida or No-Idea (as it was more popularly know in my college years) since 1988, I have seen unplanned development or spending of public money without much planning. 

Now with so called Gunda and extortionist Sarkar of SP & BSP out of UP and supposedly honest and efficient Government of Yogi on seat, i intend to restart my Crusade against those moles. It spreads across every corner-Roads, Footpath, Sewage, Garbage disposal, Traffic, Street Vendors, Abadi land, Law & Order.....I am sure many of you can connect with what i mean.

To start with i want to stop Noida Authority from making Garbage dump in further extensions. You will be surprised to know that more than 10 Sq.Km of Noida is on Garbage Dump. Noida Authority Trucks and Tractors conveniently load house-hold and Industrial Garbage, then transport it through city roads(littering and smelling all the way without proper cover or concern) and dump it on the undeveloped areas like they are doing behind Sector 78 and Sector 137 now. 

We don't have a system of Garbage Disposal, it is being burnt. I wonder where all the budget gets used if we have not been able to create a eco-friendly system of disposal or reuse. Noida has had some of the most qualified Bosses they just wasted their talent for filling Netas pocket and also creating mass ill-wealth. Many of Class 4 employees of Noida Authority are Crorepati.

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