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To ,

Shri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu garu ,

Honorable  Chief Minister  ,

Government Of Andhra Pradesh .

Respected Sir ,




1 )  Request to mention  SR’s joining Govt Hospitals  on 1 yr Service bond  as 1 yr contract employees and pay salary as per the 6th pay commission and MCI regulations .

2 ) Please note that calling a Specialist as Trainee without getting his/her registration done and paying very low on the name of honorarium is unconstitutional and rectify the mistake of previous government . 

We , Andhra Pradesh Medicos  & Junior Doctors Association ( AP JUDA ) are requesting you to show concern for us and solve our genuine problems .

We all have respect for you and trust on your leadership and hope on your government that it would solve our issues , unlike the previous congress government which introduced unconstitutional and anti democratic laws and imposed compulsions . We remind you that you promised us to look after our issues when by  extending your support to our strike when you are as our opposition leader . We still believe that there is mis communication and if you keep your heart for a while , would definitely  help us in possible ways . 

Please look into the G.O No MS 99 ( H & FW) Dated 23/6/2017 forcing students to do their SR Ship in private colleges which is supposed to be done in govt hospitals and decreasing the pay from Rs.33,000 to Rs.23,000 per month , when telangana Govt is already paying Rs.46,000/Mon and proposed to make it Rs.51,000 as per high court instructions in 2014 . 

Sir , we are extremely unhappy with the recent G.O's released regarding the SR Ship or Service issues , Not increasing the stipunds and not paying it in time  . We are among those educated and the intellectual group of society who strongly believed that yours can be a transparent and the corruption free government . But unfortunately the circumstances that we are seeing and facing in our own field are making us feel low . But sir , we still hold our TRUST & FAITH on you . Only so we are approaching you .

But we are sorry that we have made only few attempts to meet you as its even being difficult to enter into the CM camp office in Vijayawada and even after that we are being re directed  . We tried to bring our grievances to your notice in many ways , but always failed . Even recently when you visited Vishakpatnam Andhra Medical College  on June 22 2016 , we couldn't meet you and we are again re directed  . It is the situation after looking at the G.O MS no 99 / 23-06-2017 , we have no other option , but to raise our voice against the all the odds happening to us .

You created history in medical education as like in no other state ,  that 50% of seats in even private medical colleges can be availed at a tuition fee of only Rs.10,000/ Yr . Likewise please look into our issues .

1 ) NOT ISSUING OUR CERTIFICATES : Dr NTR UHS is not issuing our Original certificates even after  clearance of our  exams . We are quite helpless that even after getting the court orders ,  we are being denied our certificates . Even a small school can’t hold a certificate of a student for any reason after passing exams and would be booked with a criminal offense as per section : 143 of IPC if its done so . But our respect on our own university  is still making us wait with patience . 

2 )NOT PRECEDING OUR  REGISTRATION : As you are quite aware of functionality of Congress Government , as like many of their foolish actions , they passed  AP Medical Practitioners Registration Act in 2013 . The act says that any doctors who passed specialization from any where in world after 2010 need to do 1 year compulsory service in government hospitals in AP to be eligible to practice his/ her specialty in AP . They forgot the very basic point that , without registering our specialization , it is like we need to practice with our basic MBBS degree and its like Govt loosing a specialty service and on the other side , obstructing the basic right of any citizen to excel and be useful to society with his/her expertise skill . ( sec ) . This is completely against the Union Govt Act ( ) as our registrations are subjected to National Council’s guidelines under the monitoring of state councils . Still we have many towns lacking specialists  and few of our doctors who did specialization outside AP are preferring  to work in Metros of other states rather than coming and getting locked up here for an year . Its like our state is loosing Specialists , which is quite unacceptable interns of necessity we have here .

3 ) PALTRY  PAY : ( Which is further decreased by 20 % as per GO released on June 26th 2017 ) : In the same act made in 2013 they fixed the pay as 32,800 for MD/MS and 30,800 for Diploma specialists on the name of honorarium , without any residential facilities . Sir your government issued a G.O  allowing Dist Collectors to employ contract based MBBS doctors and you have shown your generosity and respect for us by paying them around 60,000 per month ( Only for MBBS Qualification ) with all allowances  . But Senior Residents posted as per previous Govt are being still paid 32,800 per month  , that too very irregularly . Sir , many of our nurses are receiving twice than that we are being paid and is that pay upto the dignity for a specialist doctor ? . Its much more horrible for doctors who did specializations in central institutes and received Stipund above 50,000 even when they are PG’s . Is is justifiable to pay 1/3rd or 1/4th of what we can earn  in private sector , through a mere blackmailing of holding our certificates and registrations in an undemocratic manner ?  .

4 ) UN RECOGNIZED  CADRE  with WORK BURDEN : In many hospitals , particularly in Area hospitals and CHC’s many regular doctors are leaving up their work on  us  .  Even the night and other duties are being assigned for us ; as an SR ,that too working on honorarium we are not responsible for any of our mistakes and we can’t be asked to take the entire responsibility of of critically ill patients ad we are being called observers. We don't even  know ourselves what  exactly we are in that hospitals . It shows the value the govt gives for a poor persons health by giving them a doctor who is working on force and who is not responsible or answerable for any mistake they commit during the course of treatment .

5 ) LOOSING OUR EXPERTISE : As a part of the Act , even the specialists in other fields are being asked to work as regular MBBS doctors in a place where they don’t even have  establishment of their departments . Example : Radiologists / Pathologists / Micro Biologists / Physicians are being asked to conduct deliveries and to attend RTA’s / other causalities .  Patient is getting Inferior treatment and specialist is loosing his expertise instead of gaining much more .

You are of the age of our father and consider us as your children and think on our side for a while sir …

1 ) Average Age by finishing PG is 33 years . Many of our  school frds  who are as good as us in education are solidly settled even with 2 kids by that age .

2 ) Average age of getting married for Male doctors  30 and for female doctors it is 26 . NOTE :  Parents are feeding majority of us even after marriages  until we finish Specialization .

3) Majority of Male doctors will be just married or will be searching for matches  by the time of finishing P.G . Even many female doctors are being unmarried even by the time of finishing P.G and majority of married females plans their pregnancy just after finishing P.G  as we are not even given pregnancy leave and there are even professors who asks P.G’s to get aborted if they want to appear for exams .

4 ) 99 % of even married doctor couples would be roaming between 2 places meeting just once a while as they would be doing PG’s in different places .

5 ) Many doctors who did Specialization from Private Colleges have education loans upto 15 lacks and there are many even who hasn’t cleared MBBS loans . Asking them to work for Rs.23,000 or Rs.50,000 / Mon  is something be called unhuman .

6 ) Because of this compulsory SR ship , almost all of us are getting our food by borrowing or from parents even after being a qualified specialists .

FORCED SERVICE : It further separates newly and already lately - married doctor couples and lately parents from their KIDS for 1 more year .

How far it  is  justifiable dictating 1 more year of our lives by UnLawfull acts ? NOTING PRIDE IS  BEING LEFT WITH US  SIR . Its very bad that we are feeling bad for coming to the profession which we loved a lot and studied  almost for 3 decades with a passion . Its it not OK to lodge a doctor in such a pathetic condition as it will have a bad impact on society

Please don’t take it in the other manner sir , we don’t meant to question you ; but wanna explain our agony when even the Govt’s are looking as someone eager to earn money .

# How Many Of Your Cabinet Minister’s Children Are Doctors ?

# How many of the big Industrialist children are Doctors ?

Really the super rich kids are very few in this profession as being a doctor itself is a sort of SACRIFICE and DARE . Many  student doctors will be infected with TB , leprosy  and many other infectious diseases . When SARS and recent EBOLA epidemic – Its doctors who died more in number , just in process of treating patients . Please remember recent death of a General Surgery P.G from Guntur Medical College  who committed suicide following spill of HIV positive blood on her .

 Practicing in our state itself is a SERVICE  TO STATE , instead of going abroad  or planning settlement in some other state METROs .




Even if we consider benefit of Health care system and Public Health ; This Forced Service is a absolutely wrong option taken by previous  Govt . 



Un Fruitful Experiment : 1 yr service been an absolute useless effort for both the Govt and Medical Specialists . As the pay is low and not regular , many are not even working upto the minimal mark and they can’t be really ordered or even asked for to bear the patient load in Govt hospitals  as they are being called trainees  .

LAZINESS and escapism in Permanent Govt Dr’s : At many places the posted SR’s are sharing the work of the permanent Dr’s in that hospitals and in some hospitals it is like that , they are completely leaving Non Arogya Sri patients  on SR’s .

Financial Burden to Govt : Even though the pay is quite irregular , its being given at least  after an year and none are missing in collecting their pay . All the DNB’s and Specialists from other states are heading to SR Ship in AP and its accounting for a huge number than expected . Now as the G.O’s passed in regard with the 1 yr SR Ship , the pay is to be revised and it would be additional Financial Burden for Govt .

You have shown your concern for Health Sector by giving freedom to employ doctors directly for collectors based on their needs and also by trying to fill the vacancies at least by contract basis . You are leading the system on the right track and not as like previous govt which shown no interest in investing in health sector and brought this FORCED SERVICE CONCEPT AND ACT just to deteriorate the Govt hospitals and encourage private hospitals as yourselves commented once referring to Arogya Sri Scheme .

Sir , We Request you to understand the depth of our genuine problems imposed by previous governments both to our profession and to the public health  .

1 ) Please see that Our  Specialty Registrations done irrespective of completing  1 year bonded service .

2 ) Please consider our 1 year  senior residency as VOLUNTARY and recruit the interesting doctors as 1 year contract specialist doctors by giving them dignified pay  making them responsible and answerable  for the care they give to patients .

We Would wish to be Part of Your AP SMART VILLAGE – SMART WARD PROGRAMME and be HEALTH SECTOR PARTNERS for our respective villages or wards in cities . Please help us in that regard by linking us with the Main Partners and the health workers in that village . With proper co ordination with the District Health Authorities , together can frame a successful guidelines and support our state government’s initiative and do the real RURAL SERVICE . This can be a 100% successful programme and also take the SMART VILLAGE Programme to the next level as every one will show interest in their own village and nearly 90 % of AP Villages can be covered . This can be planned right from the time of joining the PG Course and be a part in University curriculum too . With little encouragement , co ordination , motivation and practical approach , we are ready  for building a Healthy Rural Andhra Pradesh . We are already having a programme designed in this regard , which we named as LONG LIVE INDIA Concept and this can be called LONG LIVE ANDHRA  Concept for our state which aims at increasing the average life expectancy by promotion of preventive health care and sharing knowledge of  present health schemes in implementation to rural AP . Details regarding this can be discussed and we can together plan a very productive Health scheme ever . 

We have lots of hopes and expecting you take a decision with your VISION .

                                                           Thanking You Sir ,

                                     Yours Sincerely , 

          AP Medicos & Junior Doctors Association ( AP JUDA ).

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