Rs.9,300crore of our tax money but BBMP has no internal audit. We demand transparency.

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No account for Rs.9,300crores of our tax money by BBMP 

The State Accounts Department and the Comptroller Auditor General (CAG) audit the accounts of BBMP separately but the civic body has made no move to have an internal auditing mechanism in place. Internal auditing is considered crucial and mandatory for an agency that handles huge finances. This year, the city corporation’s budget estimate is Rs 9,300 crore. Yet, over the years, the demand for an internal audit mechanism has fallen on deaf ears.
The last time the BBMP had an internal audit was in 2010 when an administrator was in charge. In fact, CAG reports in the past have damned the BBMP for financial mismanagement, especially on the solid waste front.

Now we the people of Bengaluru must demand an internal audit of BBMP finances to ensure transparency. 

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