Online Gambling websites looting money & making lives more difficult ! #BanOnlineGambling

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Online Gambling spreads together with COVID !! 

Lakhs of People have been getting addicted to Online Gambling Websites like Rummy Circle, Rummy Culture, Ac2three, Junglee Rummy , Dream 11 , MPL and there are so many other gambling sites  which are looting public money by manipulating people's mindset. 

Due to outrage of pandemic, nation is been facing financial crisis. In addition the killing online gambling websites are looting money & making lives more difficult as a result so many people committed suicides,  some lost their hard earned money, some people lost health and many youngsters got addicted & became aimless just because of this gambling websites.

Youth have easy access to online gambling apps and banks are also making it easy to transfer money. Many families are going bankrupt & youths are committing suicide. Before this danger knocks off more families people should wake up !!

They lure people by offering free money or bonus for signing up.Once hooked up it is very difficult to get out! Online gambling is illegal in India.However there's a provision in legislation which exempts ‘games of mere skill’ from the ambit of penalizing them. 

The biggest problem in such online activity is that minors can use it and get trapped by Seasoned fraudsters !! You never know if your kid is attending online class or playing in online gambling website. 

Online Gambling companies daily turn over is in crores. It’s all hard earned money of middle class and poor families !! 

Online Gambling is already banned in Assam, Orissa, Sikkim, Nagaland, Telangana & Andhrapradesh.

Gambling can be just as addictive as drugs and alcohol. Gambling companies need to know that they aren't just gambling with money, but they gambling with lives too!!

We Citizens' Forum Against Online Gambling have started awareness among people against online gambling through social media. We initiated the twitter campaign on 23.8.20, hash tag #BanOnlineGambling has trended top 1 in state & trended nationally which echoes the wish of people for ban online gambling.