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Hello everyone,

This is very serious issue regarding blanket ban on plastics item in maharashtra state of india and concerned authourity are not even aware of consequences regarding the impact on us our family our community who are within the work force of plastic industries - not even thousand but lakhs of people would be affected by this immediate ban on plastics.

we as a industry are very aware of pollution which is created by plastics bags,disposable plastic item and pet bottle & plastic packaging multilayer pouches for food items & especially milk packaging.

i just want to share few link to show plastic is miracle that can be recycled & reused as compare to other alternative and it should be managed not baned by various government initiated publicly responsible efforts.

- 1/ Sadguru’s veiw on plastic menace.

- 2/ Home page to american plastic organisation that promotes and make plastic a responsible thing that can be used in medical science automobile industries and public utilities industries and many other that make life easy.

- 3/ Banglore based company got contract to build plastic roads of 520kms that is 3times stronger and waterproof that sustains 3x stronger in rainy season also.

- 4/ some companys accross india & world that makes biodegradable plastics that is 100% compostable.


My point to take you to so many links is that don’t treat plastic as enemy just use it responsibly its a thing that is saving our mother earth by utilising as recycle-able reuse-able stuff as compare to paper (which cannot be re used)  and other packaging products if used would create more deforestiation and on other hand per capita use of plastics in india is quite low as compare to other parts of world not even 10% of plastics is used by indian in terms of per capita use by every indian as compare to world.

And pollution in india is not only by plastics industries which can be managed but by huge chemical industries and other cement industries which is dominated by political personality and this industries are killing rivers and water and air that is life essential for living.

plastic is a friend if used properly and responsibly it should not be banned it should be managed.

i request all citizens of india to be responsible and use plastic for it and not against it.

thanking you all.,

  • responsible citizen of india.