Citizens: Retain IAS Officer Randeep D #WeNeedRandeep

Citizens: Retain IAS Officer Randeep D #WeNeedRandeep

30 November 2018
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HD Kumaraswamy (Chief Minister , Karnataka) and
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Why this petition matters

Started by CJ Memorial Trust

D Randeep Special Commissioner for Health & SWM is being  abruptly transferred . 

We need D Randeep to continue his good work or the city & civic situation on Waste & Health will have to bear the brunt . ABC needs to conform to program guidelines & needs continuity to succeed so communities and dogs are safe 

Personal story
Why is D Randeep, IAS being abruptly transferred? Govt orders after a few months in office? Citizens should ask why D Randeep, Special Commissioner who just took over ABC/Health & SWM is being summarily transferred , just after he started making a significant & strategic impact . He is an outstanding officer - collaborative , has started an app, stronger controls & meetings & is clear about following Supreme Court guidelines on animal welfare while protecting children & humans.

Here is a quick overview of his coverage in 3 months in a new area:
ANimql Welfare & Health
1. Dog survey and census planned to be actioned by December 2018
2. Microchipping of dogs .
3. New invitation bids for ABC in zones in January 2019. Tenders would be issued based on capability and experience .
4. Initiated work on pet licensing norms, norms for breeders
Solid Waste Managememt SWM:
1. Garbage spots cleaning and beautification and Clean 150 campaign initiated.
2. Preparing for new tenders and incorporated tighter conditions on the tender contracts
3. SWM Control room. Proposed GPS in auto tippers and compactors so that their movement can be tracked through the centralised SWM control room leading to better control & efficiency 
4. Micro plan updation
5. 300+ spots fixed and counting.
Major one fixed was the triublesome NGV Ejipura junction near Passport Office.
6) Hired Marshal's to monitor littering .
7) issued a circular for implementing and adherence of SOP around secondary transfer of garbage by contractors .

Do you understand why we citizens want to fight to retain him ? Frequent bureaucratic shuffles in a sensitive area can wreak havoc & cause damage to life and property. 

Result ? Can we watch dog population, bites rabies cases & lack of vaccinations spiral out of control under the aegis of Jt Director, BBMP. And solid waste and the garbage mafia ? Let’s not even start on that. We NEED continuity .  The animal welfare and environment focused community may specifically be up in arms, but as conscious citizens, we should question this abrupt transfer, when a troublesome tough, painful civic area like dogs and solid waste management is being left leaderless. By the time the new person comes in & understands ground situation, there will be disaster, city impact and human animal conflict. Who is willing to wait for that ? Fix this GoK , let the man do his darn job. Who cares, you ask ? I think we should ! And we do. 

We citizens are carefully watching this bureaucratic bungle & starting to wonder why exactly shuffles happen. He cares about the state, and the issues, not about his seat ; he seems very clear, committed & principled. So maybe someone doesn’t like him , or someone isn’t reaping the er.. benefits of waste management, as earlier ? Who knows ? Who cares? We DO!
But know this - if you transfer him, the city loses. And I don’t want to be the person saying ‘ I Told You So’ when it happens. I really don’t .
So what are we going to do about it? #WeNeedRandeep


This petition made change with 917 supporters!

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