Reduce Pitch Let Fee's in Glasgow

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Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to reduce the increase in let fee's in and around Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Life.

Ourselves and many other grassroots clubs are bewildered as to the increase in let fee's for the coming 2018/19 season.

Many clubs are struggling to afford this increase and will see the number of organisations folding this season due to the fact that these prices are unsustainable.

How can grassroots club continue to pay upwards of £50 per hour to let a third of a pitch without transferring this increase to the kids, of whom some are from families on low incomes and are struggling to pay already.

People pay this and a lot of times out of our own pockets so the kids can continue to train and play, when as a country we are struggling with obesity, depression and keeping kids off the streets.

I am calling on all volunteers of grassroots football clubs and other sports to sign this petition before we are priced out of helping children altogether, we might miss the next Jimmy Johnstone or Davie Cooper because we can't afford to continue.

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