Keep the pool at the north end of Milton

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Hi everyone,

As you may or may not know the council voted 8-7 to move the location of the pool to the main street of Milton. This is in light of needing a solution to the pool in its current state not being worth repairing. This does sound at first like a good idea to make it central.

But for these reasons it is not the best fit for the Milton Community:

This does not build on what infrastructure that already exists (adding onto community gym or building in a similar area)

  1. The community already donated and raised money for a community gym. Including a soon to be upgraded car park.
  2. By putting the pool in this location it would bring these resources together in one place. For example, people could purchase combined gym and pool membership
  3. There is already lots of space to build a functional carpark that school buses and other large vehicles can come in
  4. The community gym staff could be employed also in an expanded role.
  5. There is also the proposed Lawrence to Waihola cycleway which would pass through the proposed alternative location of the pool. 

Isolated vs a hub: There are many examples around New Zealand of places in similar size to Milton who have had the vision to create a community hub.

  1. It brings people together, providing opportunities for social interaction. Sport and recreation clubs are the hub of community life, especially in the regions. Helps to sustain the environment by protecting open space and natural areas. Contributes to higher levels of self-esteem and self-worth.
  2. The Hub/Sportville model sees clubs and community groups combine resources, use the same facilities, work together to share costs and services, and develop new ideas.
  3. Click the link for more information:
  4. Two of the major users will find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to use it in the same way: Milton Primary and Tokomairiro High School both use this pool for swimming. In particular, for the high school, this will mean that they can no longer access a pool for swimming lessons as they only have an hour for each lesson.

Essentially this is about what is best for Milton, not just for now but for the future.

Although we might only be 11.4 % of the Clutha area population we need to stand strong and speak up about what is best for our community.