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Revolutionise children's menus in Australian clubs and pubs!

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Small appetites don't mean boring menus.  The existence of children's menus in Australian clubs and pubs is the only reason many families can afford to eat out, but we at the Great Foodie Forage think they could do So Much Better.

Nuggets and chips. Schnitzel and chips. Fish cocktail and chips. Hawaiian pizza and chips. Spaghetti Bolognese (and chips!) 

Is it easy? Yes.

Is it cheap? Undoubtedly.

Is it a special treat? In many cases.  

But is this the way to encourage young children to enjoy variety or does it tell them that the only exciting food comes from a deep fryer? These 'kids' menus' are dull.  We aren't calling for anything more than variety, and we think it can be done without affecting any club or pub's profit margin or food delivery processes.

There are so many options on a typical club or pub menu for adults and older children, so why not for children? Here are our initial suggestions, either:

  1. Add simple (and still cheap) options like a mini trio of colourful dips with bread or crudités, a side plate-sized cheese and fruit platter, a prawn cocktail in a tea cup, or a single tenderloin in a small chicken caesar salad.
  2. Ditch the children's menu section and instead add 'child sized' to your existing options of entree size or main size as featured on many club and pub menus for adults.
  3. Add just ONE interesting dish to your under-12s menu each week, with a fun description, and see what works.

Children are increasingly accused of 'fussy eating' and yet children's menus actually encourage boring eating patterns by making a very limited range of foods appear on exciting occasions such as eating out.  Clubs and pubs in Australia generally do a fantastic job of making family dining affordable - but you can do better, Clubs Australia and Australian Hotels Association.

The children's food revolution starts here.  Are you with us?

Molly Rhodin and Bec Lloyd

The Great Foodie Forage 

Down to Earth Practical Solutions

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