Allow Clubhouse users to be able to change the phone number associated with their account


Allow Clubhouse users to be able to change the phone number associated with their account

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Started by Rafael Di Furia

*This petition should not be taken in any way as a form of criticism of Clubhouse, it is in fact out of love for the platform and that the community exists. Please consider this as a public request to Clubhouse, Paul Davison, Rohan Seth and the developers at Alpha Exploration Co. to enable such a feature for the users of Clubhouse who have made bonds and life-changing friendships on Clubhouse.*

At this moment in time, individuals who use the Clubhouse platform have no way to be able to manage/change the phone number associated with their account. At first, this may not sound like a major issue, however, there are many situations a person could find themselves in where changing their phone number may be absolutely necessary or unavoidable. Potentially from something as simple as needing to change numbers because there is a better deal from another phone company all the way to tragic life events such as needing to change their phone number to deter an abusive partner/ex-partner or individuals who may be escaping war or other forms of tragedy that can be found in our world that may cause a person to have to leave their home, friends, or even country behind. 

Other theoretical situations a person may find themselves in when needing to change a number:
- A stollen or lost phone which has a prepaid plan that the cellular company is unable to recover
- An individual seeking to better their life outside of their home country and may not be able to or allowed to maintain the phone number from abroad
- Relocating because of work
- Escape harassment from telemarketers
- Escape harassment from a stalker
- Seeking the ability to create separation between work and private life
- Or just simply the desire to start out fresh and new

Many have found during their google searches for "how to change your phone number on clubhouse" a page seemingly representing the official clubhouse team and currently states on their website "We, unfortunately, do not have a way to change the phone number on an account right now. We're working on making this possible in upcoming releases." (Current as of: 11 Nov. 2021 - Source: )

For such a young platform it is understandable that the developers of the platform may not be able to immediately address every community/platform issue. However, with the rollout of so many features, not being able to change your account details is a basic feature on most if not all other social platforms would be a welcomed addition as it seems to be such a common ability on most if not all other platforms. All that is being requested is that Clubhouse, Paul Davison, Rohan Seth and the developers at Alpha Exploration Co. introduce the ability for users to be able to choose their own log-in method and be able to have access to not only change it but be able to confirm their log-in credentials are correct. Even if it's not possible to change to log-in via Instagram or Twitter... the ability to change a phone number or even to opt to change to another verification method via email or another social login or otherwise would be greatly appreciated by many of the users on Clubhouse. As a temporary solution in the interim until it is possible to change this from the user UI, please accept requests from users via email to modify their account details, most namely the phone number associated with the account. 

As per an email received upon request to the support team at Clubhouse:
"In the meantime, please try to maintain access to your old phone number. If you can’t, please link your email to your account before you lose access to your original phone number, so we can authenticate your account in the future. If you have a new number, you can also decide to create a new account if you wish."

The above is quoted from an email received directly from the Clubhouse support team. The request to link an email address seems almost out of touch with the actual features and useability of the app due to the fact that a user (at the time of writing this petition) has no way to go into their account settings to confirm if they have in fact associated an email address with their account or not. There is currently no clear way within the account page within the Clubhouse app to be able to add an email account to associate with a user's account. In most if not all cases, when a person needs to change their number the ability to maintain that number may be either impossible or unrealistic due to the costs and potential financial burden. 

For individuals who may have connected with and impacted hundreds to potentially thousands of people and who have spent from dozens to hundreds of hours or more,  it's unfortunate that the official recommendation as per the email received from the support team is to "create a new account if you wish"  makes some of the individual community members feel dismissed and as though they are only just another user and not an individual who enjoys what Clubhouse brings to the table over other platforms. The people that make up the community and largely what is offered application. It is unfortunate that it is an almost seemingly recommend by Clubhouse support to break their own community policy directive listed on their website "Reminder that we have a one-person - one account policy, maintaining two or more accounts can violate our Community Guidelines." (Current as of: 11 Nov. 2021 - Source: ) Even if it is not the case, it is truly unfortunate that the official stance seems to embrace starting over from 0 on the platform.  

It is asked that any community members who agree with this petition remain respectful to those who run, develop, and are in charge of Clubhouse. This petition is meant to serve as a unified request from members of the Clubhouse community who would like to see the platform grow and thrive and allow for ease of use for us, the end-users.

For those who are part of the Clubhouse community and have signed the petition, thank you for your time to support this and help communicate the interest of this to the team at Clubhouse.


This petition made change with 36 supporters!

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