Club Penguin ReWritten, Party hats

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             Hello penguins, recently, we have received a very special tweet from our favourite CPPS, Club Penguin Rewritten. Club Penguin Rewritten has confirmed they will be returning this month. Haven't mentioned the release date yet, but we're all looking forward to find out.
          This has been the best news we've heard all month and we are certainly excited for the return of Club Penguin Rewritten. 

         Although we are all looking forward for Club Penguin Rewritten's return. We also received something else. During the Waddle On party. Club Penguin Rewritten handed out a certain free item, a very special item MOST of us have been dreaming of collecting for many years of Club Penguin. Which Item is this? The rare, one of a kind, pink and yellow party hat. This Item is a very special item, more special than the other party hats. This party hat means a lot to us. Even though it never returned on the original Club Penguin, or on Club Penguin rewritten until the Waddle On party. And since the Waddle On party, we all finally got a second chance to collect our favourite item, and it made us all very happy. 

        Unfortunately, Club Penguin Rewritten confirmed on Discord they will sadly be removing all the party hats from everyone who had the second chance to collect them from the Waddle On party which crushed most of us. As much as we love and respect Club Penguin Rewritten and their decisions. We find this one harshly unfair. We all find this disrespectful to everyone who deserved it.
We all finally got a second chance. We all finally had our dream come true, and now they are taking it away from us. This item doesn't have to return a third time. But taking away something special to us is wrong. 
We understand this item was only meant to come out once and never return the original Club Penguin days, and yes. Most of us found this unfair. But the taking away this time after getting a second chance is too extreme.
           Hearing about this item being taken away from us was shocking to us. This made us feel un welcomed, left out, and less value compared to the beta penguins. Well, we want Club Penguin to hear our voices. We feel at least one of the party hats should be able to return. We don't need all of the party hats. Just one. And we would like a second chance to collect the rare pink and yellow hat. And believe it or not. Most of us have backstories from our childhood pasts with the reasons why this pink and yellow hat has inspired many. Well, with our penguins wearing it of course. But everyone has something in their lives that is treasurous to them.
And to us who has had played Club Penguin during our childhoods, this item is treasurous to us. 

          We all want a second chance to collect and keep this pink and yellow hat because we all want to feel welcomed to the Club Penguin community. We all want to play equally with no one, not ONE penguin left behind. We don't want to feel left out anymore. In any game. Everyone should be able to play without feeling left out. We understand this hat is only for the beta testers. But we want a fair share. We want to be included with everyone as a family, as a team. Taking away something makes the game un enjoyable, it makes us feel alone, left out, neglected, and we want a fair share. Instead of hogging something, let everyone have a turn, that's what makes a game fun, when everyone is welcomed equally. Or at least let us keep the Party hats from the Waddle On party and don't return them again. It won't affect Club Penguin. It won't affect the game if we keep it. The party hats will never lose its value. It's always going to be a special item no matter who wears it. 

let us keep the party hats CPR, We want to play equally!