Stop plastic bottle and plastic instant noodle use on tropical island

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On a lush tropical island in the indian ocean (Kani- in the Maldives), one of the most beautiful places on Earth, big French Travel company Club Med gives its hotel guests hundreds of plastic water and soda bottles and Pot Noodle Containers each day.

Most of these plastic water bottles are never recycled and instead burnt, and the pot noodle sachets easily blow away out of trash cans and end up in the beautiful waters of the Maldives which pollute the beach, the water and are often mistaken for food by sea birds, turtles and fish.

Call an end to Club Med giving hundreds of plastic bottles and Pot Noodle Containers everyday to its 600 hotel guests in the Maldives (Pot Noodle Cups and Plastic Water and Soda Bottles) to protect the fragile environment.



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