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Speeding cyclists through Centennial Parklands

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We, the undersigned, would like to convey our distress regarding the speeding cyclists, both individuals and packs, within Centennial Parklands.

The speed limit within the grounds of Centennial Park is clearly marked as 30km/hr. This limit is applicable to all users of the road, including cyclists. However, cyclists have been observed illegally and dangerously exceeding this speed limit, particularly during 6-8am on weekdays.

Some attempts to address this issue with cyclists has been met with abuse from the cyclists or disregard from Centennial Park staff.

As users of the park, we feel our safety to be threatened by cyclists not adhering to the road rules on a regular basis.

We hope to bring about a safer space for all Centennial Park users through this petition, and to provide cyclists with the same rights and responsibilities as all road users.

We respectfully request the following actions be completed within the next 6 months by Clover Moore, Mayor of Sydney City and Randwick City Council, working in conjunction with the Centennial Park Trust:

  • Marketing of safe cycling throughout Centennial Park.
    This campaign should include encouraging cyclists to ride within the speed limit and to download a free speedometer app to monitor their speed. Centennial Park's current cycling Rules and Regulations is encouraged to be highlighted through a readily available cycling etiquette guideline. The one used by Sydney Cycling Club is an excellent example.
  • Instigate a road safety and cycling program for children within Centennial Park. This program is proposed to take place within the children's playground near Darley Road on weekends and as a part of primary school educational programs.
  • Install a zebra crossing at the children's playground crossing near Darley Road. This will prevent any injuries to other park users and will require cyclists and drivers to check their speed at a static point within the park. 
  • Commence cycling club nights twice a week within Centennial Park. It is proposed that Sydney cycling clubs can use the closed off parklands to ride without obstruction from pedestrians, vehicles or horses. These nights will require lighting to be provided by Centennial Park Trust to contribute to cyclist safety. Security and rangers already patrol the park at night so no additional safety costs to Centennial Park are foreseen to be required.

Together we can find a solution that enables everyone to enjoy Centennial Park in safety.

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