Reverse the decision use the Sydney Opera House as a billboard

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Can you imagine similar cultural icons, such as the Guggenheim Museum; the Louvre; or the Royal Albert Hall being used as billboards for ads? We should not let a fast dollar influence the current state government into defacing one of Australia's most iconic buildings. 

The NSW government's decision to allow advertising for the Everest Cup on the Australian cultural icon that is the Sydney Opera House must be reversed.  

This decision is riddled with a number of problems including: 

- the promotion of gambling (in this particular case), which is a known major problem in Australia, and in NSW in particular

- creating a precedent for further advertising of non-arts related events and companies

- the state and federal government overriding the decision of the executive team of a statuary body

- The government allowing the media - Alan Jones in this case - to influence policy and decision making

Please sign this petition and share it around, if you want to preserve Australia's credibility as a country that respects its arts and culture, which the NSW government has already gouged funding for.  We only have until next Saturday, 13th October, to reverse this short-sighted idiocy.