Reinstate funding for the multi-use sporting facility at Perry Park

We the undersigned demand that the Council of the City of Sydney reinstate funding for the multi-use sporting facility at Perry Park. We believe that it is a vital facility for the growing population of the Alexandria and Green Square development. In addition, we ask that The Council of the City of Sydney lodge the current plans for the Perry Park Stadium redevelopment (drafted on behalf of council by Candalepas Associates) for DA approval as a matter of priority.

There is an urgent need for a modern and practical venue for basketball, futsal, handball, volleyball, badminton, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and other indoor sports in one of Sydney's fastest growing inner city areas.

The current facilities at Alexandria Stadium provided by the City of Sydney Basketball Association (CSBA) are at capacity. The stadium is unable to host large metro and interstate basketball tournaments and finals series, let alone accomodate demand for a weatherproof, indoor venue for other sports.

Background information

Our Facebook page post has the history of broken promises.

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About Sydney Comets

City of Sydney Comets has been running basketball competitions in the Inner City of Sydney for over 70 years, and at Perry Park since 1967, and has in that time won National championships, hosted international matches, NBL matches and multiple other major events.

Most importantly , with over 2,000 registered playing members, the Comets are a vital community resource in a growing residential area.

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    Clover Moore

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