CIG: Please bring back the sleeker, larger, 170m Carrack with square engines.

CIG: Please bring back the sleeker, larger, 170m Carrack with square engines.

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John Smith
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Many people are very happy with the final awkward-sized chubby civilian Anvil Carrack that CIG finally settled on, and that's okay! We're going to leave that one alone. The after-the-fact lore appeared in the Jump Point, and we have what we have: a redesigned civilian Carrack which obviously does not resemble the original UEEN Carrack (or the Carrack shown from WIP and concept images). We'll leave that civi Carrack be.

That said, a vast number of the backers/Carrack owners were very disappointed by both the severe lack of communication from CIG before major changes were decided on and the end result (which is, let's be honest, quite awkward and ugly). Many backers were looking forward to what they pledged for: a sexy, sleek, rugged, top secret UEEN exploration vessel that can hold its on (on its own) in deep space. While the Carrack does have wonderful features like a repair table, drones, and medical room, the final design fell tragically short (no pun intended).

With great respect for the hard work that these developers and designers put into this project, the Carrack went from slender and sexy to a complete nightmare. This seems to be an ongoing CIG trend, as we've seen with ships like the Vanguard and MSR.

One of the main reasons cited for the change was so that it could fit in more hangars. Not only does this horrendously cramped version make landing in hangars that scarcely have enough space dangerous and comical, it also seems a particularly frustrating reason to accordion a deep-space exploration vessel that has both a small craft hangar for an away crew and a docking collar. This ship was not meant to hangar hop--it was pitched as a long-haul deep space exploration vessel (thinking Enterprise here, though obviously not that large). If this idea had been pitched to those who pre-ordered/pledged through the Carrack concept, I have no doubt the votes would have been overwhelmingly in favor of retaining the slightly larger and more complete design.

This isn't a "bigger is better" plea, this is simply a matter of both functionality and visual appeal. More room for private quarters in a ship that spends endless months in space makes perfect sense, as does more room for entertainment and/or morale boosting activity. This is a video game, after all. Captaining sexy futuristic ships is half the fun, and we're a lot less concerned with how many stations we can park inside of (we'll be too busy exploring).

While leaving the released Carrack alone, please bring back the much more proportionate and aggressive looking 170m Carrack with more interior living space as suitable for a self-sustaining, long-haul, crewed exploration craft. (This can be a variation of the final design, not a complete rework.)

A future release of an alternate UEEN version Carrack can both fit into potential galaxy lore and community events and fulfill the expectations that many of us originally had.

P.S. A torpedo or two wouldn't hurt either. Just so, you know, we don't have to rely on "run away" as the only realistic option when Vanduul come knocking. Cheers!