We ask to RSI to clarrify and froze their pledge policy, to reassure the backers

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Star Citizen was financed by backers convinced that it was a good investment to spend big amount of money into virtual content (to enjoy it, having an advantage for a decade, or to sell it back in the future, making money without loosing anything)

(People can tell that its just a donation, but eveybody know its false; because even if people and CIG are kind, empathic, visionary and like fun; we, as human want also power , CIG want money, money is power. Thats modern life (before robotic utopia where people might don't need to work anymore).

We are not asking to become shareholder, but just to keep the value as much as possible, for the pile of pixels that we bought).

For that, like a central bank printing money for free, we need guarantee against devaluation.

Unfortunatly, the CIG policy is constantly moving, and not for the best. And the business model is more and more questioned (compromised?) because of that :

  • Old bakers are more and more frustrated (they wont invest, or they'll try to sell)
  • New bakers will understand soon what is happening, and will follow with frustration (doing the same)
  • Future backers wont invest anymore exept for starting pack, because they won't have any trust in the potential value of it (because of old bakers experiences and feedbacks)

All viable wealthy economical systems are based on confidence and constancy.
By its unconstant policy, CIG is loosing my confidence.

Will see what happen next! I think that we need a general policy announcement of CIG, frozing the line ad vitam eternam. Something smart, bringing back confidence of the oldest bakers = > Giving to new bakers the trust to follow.

For instance : you can't say, this ship won't be sold anymore, and sell it again 8 months later... Its simply a lie. An unproductive lie in the long run.