Cheaply made, cheaply paid, say NO to fast fashion

Cheaply made, cheaply paid, say NO to fast fashion

July 6, 2021
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Clothing consumers
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Why this petition matters

Started by Luciana Wilton

What is fast fashion?

fast fashion is inexpensive clothing that is produced rapidly by mass marketing retailers that relate to the newest and latest trends, but a lot cheaper price. With the price being so inexpensive it lowers the quality and feeling of the item more so cheap and tacky making fast fashion produced items identifiable 

many big brands contribute to fast fashion, a few that you may know being: H&M, shein, prettylittlething, misguided, boohoo and many many more. The reason for this being the cheap manufacturer of clothing made unethically allowing the cheap consumption of clothing leading to mass purchases furthermore allowing the cycle of fast fashion to flourish ––trendy styles that quickly moving from the catwalk to stores. In turn, this leads to worker exploitation, underpaid employees, textile waste, and environmental pollution.

The clothing industry has become the second most polluting industry in the entire world, just behind the oil industry which in itself says a lot about the harsh effects fast fashion has on the world. Did you know that 3rd world country garment factory workers are exploited with wages that start at just $30 a month under hazardous sweatshop conditions and realize that it’s the new norm that you can buy a t-shirt for $5?

the change starts with you, the pure reason of success of the fast fashion industry is through the progression of consumption of clothing through stores that support fast fashion.

the point of this petition is to raise awareness. By signing this petition you pledge to stop the contribution towards fast fashion. Action starts with each one of us and together, we can choose quality over quantity. We pledge the following actions: 

- stop consuming clothing from brands such as those listed above and be more aware that cheap quality and priced clothing is unethically manufactured 

- buy less, waste less, and purchase more high-quality clothing that will last longer, leading to a reduction  our clothing expenditures

-buy from secondhand stores to reduce waste and reuse clothing in turn donate clothes to be reused and recycled

In following these steps I am confident in the fact that it is a step towards small changes being made leading us to a more ethical fashion industry and cleaner environment for generations to come. 

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Signatures: 37Next Goal: 50
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