Remove AdoptME from roblox

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Close down Adopt Me because it is crashing every single Roblox Server. And yes, I do realize that people do like the game, but it has caused many problems from people getting scammed to others illegally selling pets off of E-Bay. The prices of these pets that you can buy off of E-Bay range from $10.00 to $50.00. People also tend to say in Adopt Me, "If you give me your pet, I'll give you 100k robux!" (which is the ingame currency of Roblox) . That is another problem with Adopt Me; Scamming. Many of Adopt Me's former players hve confirmed that it make Roblox, (the platform that Adopt Me is on) generally very laggy. This morning (April 11th, 2020)  we were all hyped about Adopt Me's new update. Keep in mind, Adopt Me is a very popular game on the Roblox Platform. Then, out of no-where, the whole Roblox platform crashed. We all new what it was, Adopt Me.