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Close Town and Country Pet Center!

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The Town and Country Pet Center located at 130 S. Cleveland Ave in Loveland, CO has been in business for 43 years. Over the course of the 43 years have been a countless number of terrible reviews, almost all of which state that the business is dark and dirty. Most of the animals sold here end up being very sick and in a recent case, one of the puppies had to be put down. People say it is an upleasant place to visit. The owner is very rude and when asked about where the puppies come from he states that he knows where they come from but the information is unavailable to the public. Everyone in Loveland, CO knows of this business and how rude the owner is and how poorly the animals are cared for.  January 17th, 2017 was just one of the many sad cases for a puppy purchased there. An amazing family purchased a yorkie and named him Lincoln. The family and puppy bonded instantly but unfortunately, a day after he was purchased he had to be rushed to the ER. The vet clinic they took him to said they had seen many puppies coming from there that needed to be treated. Linclons white blood cell count was through the roof and the vet said it would take a lot to figure out how to make him better and even after that he might not make it because he was so tiny and only 8 weeks old. Just 2 days after they bought the sweet little boy he had to be put to sleep. Please help close down puppy Mills like this. No family or animal deserves to go through that. 

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