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Close the Wage Gap for Women

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People across the country are hurt every day because of gender discrimination, especially in pay differences. This has been a problem for decades and we want that to change.

We hope you support the proposal of the Paycheck Fairness Act so that it will expand protections to the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and the Fair Labor Standards Act to specifically focus on the gender pay gap in the United States.

According to the ACLU, The Paycheck Fairness Act :

  • requires proof from employers that wage differences are based on merit and not gender
  • prohibits reprisal against workers if they ask about wage practices or reveal their own wage
  • strengthens consequences for equal pay violations
  • has the Department of Labor help employers and collect wage-related data
  • allows additional training for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission staff to better identify and handle wage disputes

This affects women across the country and we must continue to push for equality for all and stand against discrimination in the workplace.

We are sending this to our US Senators, Feinstein (D-CA) and Harris (D-CA), and the US Secretary of Labor so they can see that their constituents care about this issue and want to see a change being made. Both Feinstein and Harris have voiced their support for equal pay and this bill. We implore them to continue fighting for this issue that affects many Americans. As part of his job, we also hope that the Secretary of Labor will use his position to work to solve the issue surrounding wages that is prevalent in our society today. 

As young women, we want to create positive change and use our voices to help those who are given unequal opportunities. We have seen the negative effects in our community of gender discrimination and we hope to make a difference.

Thank you,

Emily and Jocelyn

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