Close the Gap

Petition for a continuous East River Greenway/Esplanade from 38-61 streets
in Manhattan

Nine Bicyclists have been killed in East Midtown from 1995-2007 and hundreds injured. Every day, hundreds of bikers have to use heavily congested First and Second Avenues in competition with trucks, buses, taxis, cars, road construction, 3 major exits/entrances to the FDR, hills, and even other bikers, when just a couple of blocks to the east sits the unfinished Greenway that serves as a highway for bikers around the rest of Manhattan Island.  This Greenway would serve as just one of hundreds being built down the coast from Maine to Florida!  We New Yorkers don't want to be last in doing our part, do we?

A Greenway and Esplanade would be good for the environment by encouraging people to get out of their cars, good for people's health, good for all New Yorkers by linking neighborhoods together, and even good for the remaining traffic in East Midtown, Manhattan.

There is no East Midtown Greenway/Esplanade in Manhattan or even a marked Avenue-based bike lane in East Midtown - nothing to keep a bicycle rider or jogger safe from the cars, trucks, buses and pedestrians in this most clogged part of the East Side.  

Just 23 blocks, some of them easily reclaimed from the FDR shoulder or from parking lots and old detours, that’s all it would take to complete the Manhattan Greenway/Esplanade along the scenic East River from Battery Park to 125 Street.  

This section might be constructed like the cantilevered Greenway/Esplanade over the Hudson River beside Riverside Park in the west 80s, and by utilizing existing pylons in the East River by the FDR tunnel from 54 Street - 59 Streets.

We propose that our elected and appointed representatives complete the Greenway/Esplanade for bikers and walkers from east 38th Street (the end of Glick Park), to East 61st Street (the current end of Bobby Wagner Walk) alongside the East River with:

1.  Two-way bike lanes.

2.  Pedestrian walkways and seating.

3.  A permanent and safe barricade between the FDR and the Greenway/

4.  Additional access points from 38 Street to 61 Street, where feasible.

A potential plan, but certianly not the only plan, to fund the closure of the U.N. gap by setting up a special improvement district, can be found here:


In any case, more needs to be done than just continuously putting forward the same United Nations land-swap deal that has gone nowhere in over 10 years, to Close the Gap!



This petition will be delivered to:
  • District 4 Council Member
    Daniel Garodnick
  • Representative
    Carolyn Maloney
  • Senator
    Charles Schumer

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