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Close Tax Havens Now!

The world's largest banks (HSBC, Citigroup, Bank of America, UBS, Credit Suisse, and more) have been storing trillions of dollars offshore and out of reach from the IRS. This is draining much of the money out of the US (and many other countries as well) as the offshore accounts (mostly in Switzerland and The Cayman Islands) now hold more than $32 Trillion.

Since this money is out of reach from our governments, we have no way of taxing it and our schools, streets, and even national defense is falling to pieces because they are evading taxes.

This is an open letter to Barack Obama:

TAKE THEM DOWN! Stop these illegal tax havens before we go completely broke and bring back the money we need to keep our families safe! Your job is to protect and represent the people of The United States of America. We need you to act on this now or the people will begin to rise up and take this money back without you.

You've already seen this by the forming of Anonymous and several other "Freedom Groups" that are taking matters into their own hands. This will continue to get worse until our government stands up to these big banks.

Consider this letter as a final notice: If you don't take back our money from these banks, we will.

You seem to be too busy with your smear-campaigns against Mitt Romney and revealing his offshore bank accounts to do what your people actually CARE ABOUT:


If you support us, and you're man enough to make the first move, then you'll take action now and stop these tax havens and bring these banks to justice!


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  • Secretary of the Treasury
    Timothy Geithner
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    Anne Duncan
  • President of the United States of America
    Barack Obama

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