Close schools now to stop the spread of COVID19 - FLATTEN THE CURVE

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We need to close schools now to stop the spread of COVID19 

Teachers across Australia are at risk of contracting COVID-19, putting themselves, family members and the wider community at risk of the disease.

While younger people may have only mild symptoms, teachers are adults and many have health issues which puts them in the vulnerable category for critical outcomes from COVID19. Transmission among children will be high as with any communicable diseases. Since children can be carriers of COVID19 while remaining asymptomatic or show mild symptoms, identifying an outbreak will be extremely difficult. 

Teachers, aids and support staff are in close proximity with many pupils, teachers will take the virus home to their family members thus transmitting the virus to the wider community. 

It may be argued that this is for herd immunity but this is at the cost to our teachers on the frontline. It may also be argued that health care professionals need to be at work during this pandemic. This is true, and we need to find an appropriate solution to that. However schools do not have appropriate resources to manage this pandemic in Australian schools. 

Social distancing will not work here in Australia, partly due to our culture and partly due to our school system set ups. 

We need to protect our teachers, by closing schools now before it’s too late.  

I care about this because I know of teachers and their families who are in high risk categories for critical outcomes if they contract COVID19. I also firmly believe that if we have not done enough to contain the spread of COVID19 within Australia. We need to FLATTEN THE CURVE.  With this current rate of infection, It is estimated that we will run out of ICU beds with COVID19 patients alone by mid April. 

Please Protect our Teachers and wider community from COVID19