Petition Update

Galati pounds. Romanian pounds.


Feb 19, 2013 — The National TV from Norway were disgusted visiting one of these places, the air was hardly breathable, it smelled like putrefied meat and dog fecal were all over the place because there is no drainage, no way of cleaning or disinfecting the whole place.

In the Galati local pounds, dogs were vanishing from the kennels. It was the former company policy to catch about 400 dogs/monthly and kill them all.
It was no reservation from its director to publicly confess these actions.
I do not understand the necessity for a number of 150-200 dogs, right in this moment, to be imprisoned and convicted to starve into a place that should be demolished or renovated from ground, in order to respect the current laws that everyone else is asked and should respect.

The bottom line of this message: I am sure you are fully aware of the atrocities happened all over Romania, in pounds and indecent shelters. Imagine what’s worse and you will have the picture of how some shelters in Romania look like!