Petition Update

Galati pounds introduction


Feb 19, 2013 — Closing down SPIKE will lead to closing down all the MISERABLE “shelters” of Romania?
If yes, I am the first subscribing to (hopefully) a long list of people who understand the true meaning of “sheltering” in a normal society, who understand the need of investing to solve humanely, decently, correctly the strays overpopulation…not improving, pretending, bungling and overall, doing worse than good for these animals “rescued” from streets to live in prison spaces, in crowd, in misery, without food due to the “rescuers” lack of capabilities to do properly or go home and do something else!

SPIKE example leads me to numerous others examples, for instance in Galati town, where a number of dogs’ establishments, some improvised in people’s gardens, functioning illegal.
There are some shelters in Galati surprisingly authorized to exist.