Petition Update

Closing down SPIKE means closing down all the filthy pounds of Romania?


Feb 19, 2013 — Not long ago I got an email alert regarding the dog pound SPIKE which was about to be closed down by the local authority that rented them,maybe 10 years ago, the land where SPIKE shelter functioned.

Apparently, a poor management and lack of funds contributed to the local authorities’ decision. I would never publicly or privately sustain any animal hoarder as this is a severe form of animal abuse.
I totally agree that there are many animal hoarders in Romania and many shelters run by local authorities and private animal lovers that are filthy concentration camps that should have been closed down in the second day after being opened. These miserable places’ administrators should have been controlled and put on charges for this type of abuse as “rescuing” animals in swamps (like it happens locally) in wrong, areas in which mosquitoes and other insects are more as normal to carry contagious diseases, areas with no disinfestations spaces, no medical care, sometimes not even food.