Close All Schools in Canada Immediately to Stop COVID-19

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The novel coronavirus has been identified as a deadly strain that is highly contagious. Multiple counties, rich or not, have failed to contain the virus.

We, the students at the University of Waterloo have been concerned about the apathy from policy makers who underestimate the fat tailed risk and effect size which is unprecedented. And schools are the modern petri dishes for the virus.  

Therefore, we demand all schools must:

  1. reiterate personal sanitary precautions.
  2. set up basic contact tracing framework measures.
  3. remove all punishments for not attending lectures.
  4. make clear isolation directions should someone suspect they are infected.
  5. make the contingency plans available to students and parents.

"It will cost us a little in the short term, but to fail do so will eventually cost everything - if not from this event, then one in the future."