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Call Chelmsford City Council to STOP further traffic congestion - and save historic villages


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Every 20 years the government dictates how much Chelmsford should expand by. Chelmsford City Council original Local Plan states

  • we are preparing for more than 62% migration to the area.  
  •  90% of our traffic is travelling to destinations accessible from the A12.

 I am calling for the public to put pressure on Chelmsford City Council to include sites that are  the closet to the A12 and save the City Centre from needless vehicles.  


1. I have come to realise some councillors vote as directed to by the party they represent without considering the facts. 

2. By 2000 people signing this petition, (more if possible to show strength of feeling) Chelmsford City Council HAVE to debate it. Councillors will find it harder to vote with ignorance, as they will have to consider the facts for themselves.

3. Hammond's Farm (site next to the A12) was left out of the original Local Plan despite many attractive qualities. The longer we allow this to be, the more unlikely it will ever be considered. 

        Who wants more traffic in the city centre when Chelmsford City Council is being offered a viable way to reduce further traffic impact?

   I would like to see a stronger fight against development from Chelmsford City Council. We know gangs culture is growing, drug dealing common place, homelessness increasing, problematic school places  and doctors appointments,  and the homes we are building far from affordable for the average wage earner. So I see little point in continually inviting Londoners to join us, until we have existing  problems under control. However, some homes have to be built and a Local Plan has to be delivered to government.
 I would love to stop greedy style developments, that offer little thought for parking, dodging out of infrastructure and provoking social problems for the future.
I truly believe Hammond's Farm holds some of those concerns too.

Owned by a couple that believe people respond to their surroundings they have designed the following:

  • The ethos behind HAMMONDS FARM is forward thinking concept that prioritises lifestyle; creating a cohesive community is paramount to prevent social problems Chelmsford City is already experiencing. 
50% of the land will remain open space. 
  •  The location (next to the A12) is the most viable option to reduce the cities congestion. The original Local Plan (point 2.23) states approximately 90%of Chelmsford traffic destinations are travelling to London, Maldon, Basildon, or Colchester directions; as the Local Plan should deliver the best options for existing residents, it is nonsensical to develop anywhere that provokes a journey through Chelmsford adding to traffic congestion.
  •  The park and ride is HF focus for accessing the city centre, supported by the cycle network within this plan.
  •  At HF, cycling is well thought out offering an attractive safe system. Chelmsford Growth package, recognises many roads are operating at 96% capacity identifying cycling as a solution to aid the congestion; however, CCC have failed to deliver direct safe routes. In my opinion,  Hammond's Farm should take precedence over proposed development locations, that cannot deliver safe cycling to aid traffic congestion.  
  •  A community farm will be delivered in phase 3 with profits ploughed back into the HF community.
Provision for the elderly near the shopping centre; This not only reduces the need for cars by living central to amenities, it creates an ease to interact with your community, vital to alleviate loneliness.   
  •  The plan includes funded infrastructure to include, roads, shops, doctors, several primary schools and secondary school. The owners want to oversee this is delivered as it an important  part of the vision to create a community.
  •  Historic walk way has been afforded a 50metre open area to enjoy the splendid countryside.
  •  It has the potential to deliver 5000 homes, that if chosen instead of historic villages will relieve many proposed locations in Chelmsford of unwanted development. With such a substantial number its own express bus services to cross rail and Chelmsford Stations are viable to keep cars off the road.
  •  Hammond's Farm offers such a healthy alternative way to live, that is needed.

It is refreshing the land- owners are committed to overseeing the epigenetic vision and want to ensure it is delivered.  I would hope if successful, inspire a different kind of development within Essex, that is putting COMMUNITY first a gift to future generations. 

Thanks for getting this far, please sign NOW and enjoy the fuzzy feeling over Christmas.  We only have until January 17th 2018.

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