Return Amy to her rightful owners

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Return Amy to her rightful owners.

On Wed 4th July 2018 I realised my beloved cat Amy was missing. I phoned our local vets where Amy was registered to see if she had been handed in. The lady told me to hold on to find out. She came back and said no she hasn't been handed in. So I created flyers and laminated to put on lampposts near my home, a missing poster. I shared all over Facebook and by the evening a lady found a post and shared a picture she had found of my cat in a cats&dogs home. I phoned straight away but no answer so I emailed them confirming they had my cat. On Thursday 5th July 2018 the cats home phoned me to say my cat has been rehomed as I failed to reply to their ad. They posted on sat 16th June 2018. I failed to see the post as I was not a member of the group and I didn't know they existed. Our local vets posted without a picture on Fri 8th Jun 2018 and the same I didn't know they had a group on Facebook so I didn't see it. The cats home is refusing to let me have my cat back. They will not get in touch with the person who has my cat to say her owner has been found. I've had to get advice from the police to be told go to the cats home. All that has happened is talk over the phone. The cats home is not cooperating with me to return my cat. They say she is microchipped now and with someone else. I never got Amy microchipped as I suffer with Anxiety and depression so therefore things like this I don't think would be an issue not doing. I have since found out that my cat was taken from her territory, a lady who's garden backs onto my road. One of her neighbours has contacted me to say my cat was a regular in their street. So my cat was known. I am disgusted by the cats home not helping me. It's not my fault I didn't see these two posts trying to trace me. I didn't realise she was missing as our cat kept going over a neighbours house and my husband and I thought they were feeding her so Amy over the past 2 months only came home about 3 times a week. We needed prove. So when I realised I hadn't seen her for over a week I realised she must be missing. I could have been on holiday with my family and not realised until I came home. My son is devastated I've had to comfort an upset child. My cat has been taken from our family who we have raised for 5 years. I would like this petition signed and support to claim my girl back. Being told a week with a vet then a week with cats home is not long enough for me to have come forward. Please help me prevent this happening to others. 

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