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Cllr Osman Dervish, Please Provide a Safe Place For Children To Cross In Dagnam Park Drive

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There is currently a central refuge in Dagnam Park Drive near the junction of Sedgefield Crescent.  This is being used as a crossing by school children and pedestrians to cross the road.  

The following email was sent to Steve Moore who is the Officer in charge of Environment Services at Havering Council;

Crossing In Dagnam Park Drive (near the junction with Sedgefield Crescent)

Please see the attached photo.  I received the following message from a concerned resident;

"The council white markings on the pavement are parallel with the crossing in the middle of the road the lines need to be moved pedestrians cannot stand at the crossing site because cars are parked across it in the white marks you then have to guess when it is safe to cross which is not good when this is a road that has very fast travelling traffic coming along it, we also have 4 schools turning out on to this road to get to the bus stop right next to this crossing I feel this is a accident waiting to happen, the children can't see to cross safely, I myself have nearly been taken out by a car because I stepped out and could not see properly, but was my only means of crossing the road to the bus stop, also the houses right next to the bus stop all park there in the white lines which are blocking any safe view for children,old and disabled".

Could you please advise if any action can be taken to improve the safety at this crossing?

We received the following response; 

Dear Ms Moss and Ms Sargent


Thank you for your email. I have been informed by Principal Engineer that the issue of the crossing near Sedgefield Crescent is that the feature in the photograph is a traffic island rather than a pedestrian refuge and is not intended as a crossing facility and unfortunately the request for traffic calming or other works, there are no plans at the moment for this area.


I would like to apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused to you and if you have any further queries about the above, please do not hesitate to contact me with any further concerns.


We would like for this traffic island to be replaced with a crossing at a more suitable location.  If the traffic island has to remain for traffic calming measures, then steps must be taken to ensure that people do not mistake it for a pedestrian crossing.


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