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Petitioning Cllr John Peach, Peterborough Conservative Party Chairperson

Force the resignation of Mr Stewart Jackson, MP for Peterborough.

Mr Jackson has posted many 'controversial' tweets on Twitter but he has overstepped the mark by using language such as "Unemployable dross" and "social misfit bottom feeding dregs" (9th April 2013). The Conservative Party should not condone this behaviour of using such insulting and contemptuous language when using social media in his capacity of an MP. This will impact on the members of his constiuency who may require his help but will be reluctant to approach him, knowing his feelings towards people below his class.
Peterborough deserves to have a representative that is not prejudicial against them, whatever their class or situation. A screenshot of Mr Jackson's tweet can be found on in the news section.

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  • Cllr John Peach, Peterborough Conservative Party Chairperson

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