Vanderbijlpark Community Petition Against Proposed Tariff Increase 1 July 2018

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Refers to:  Proposed  Tariff Increase:  1 JULY 2018 
To:  Mayor: Cllr Jacob Khawe

       Municipal Manager:  D Nkoane

      Petition Manager: Linda Mavusa

Hereby the community of Vanderbijlpark South gives notice that a petition will be submitted. 

According to the Constitution of South Africa, 1996 (ss151 -154), it states the following:

“Objects of local government

The objects of local government are-

to provide democratic and accountable government for local communities;
to ensure the provision of services to communities in a sustainable manner;

to promote social and economic development;
to promote a safe and healthy environment;  and to encourage the involvement of communities and community organizations in the matter of local government.

(2) A municipality must strive, within its financial and administrative capacity, to achieve the objects set out in subsection (1).”

Act no 10 of 1998 Rationalization of Local Government Affairs Act Chapter 7 states that the community can also apply for restriction of access to public places.

Emfuleni Local Municipality has failed the community in regard to the above.  Therefore it is crucial for the community members to act well within their constitutional right and sign this petition. 

As stated within Public Administration Management Act No. 11 of 2014 Chapter 2 


4. Basic values and principles governing public administration. – Each  institution must – 

promote and maintain a high standard of professional ethics;
promote efficient, economic and effective use of resources;
be development orientated;
provide such services impartially, fairly, equitably and without bias;
respond to people’s needs and encourage public participation in policy-making;
be accountable to the public;
foster transparency by providing the public with timely, accessible and accurate information

 Furthermore, as stated in Local Government: Municipal Systems Act No 32 of 2000 and Regulations under Chapter 1 part s. 1 (c) Act No. 44 of 2003

“financially sustainable”, in relation to the provision of a municipal service, means the provision of a municipal service in a manner aimed at ensuring that the financing of that service from internal and external sources, including budgeted income, grants and subsidies for the service, is sufficient to cover the costs of –

operating the service; and
maintaining, repairing and replacing the physical assets used in the provision of the services

Also, Chapter 1 s. 1 (a) of Act No. 7 of 2011

“municipal service” means a service that a municipality in terms of its powers and functions provides or may provides to or for the benefit of the local community irrespective of whether – 

such a service is provided, or to be provided, by the municipality through an internal mechanism contemplated in section 76 or by engaging an external mechanism contemplated in section 76; and fees, charges or tariffs are levied in respect of such a service or not

Based on these acts, we the community of  Vanderbijlpark, petition Emfuleni Local Municipality for failure to provide the community with the service that are paid for in terms of the rates and taxes.

Our area is infested with potholes, broken streetlights, roads damaged by water leaks that are not fixed; waste is not collected as per schedule. As a result, our area is now exposed to all sorts of crimes because of darkness, and the area is becoming a health hazard due to rotting waste. Now the municipality wants to install smart meters, which did not follow a transparent process.

The community has taken the decision to reject the installation of these smart meters, thus the presence of your smart meter team is not welcomed in this area.

We, the community demand a response to our concerns. If not, we will withhold service delivery fees, which is constituted within the Constitution of South Africa.

Please note that the some Community Members of Emfuleni has questioned the increase tariff and need answers to the following:

1. What is the motive for the high percentage (%)?

It is a known fact that Emfuleni Local Municipality does not have the budget to deliver services in the area. Constituents' salary increases are far below the required level to accommodate this.

2. Which formula was used to calculate the percentage (%)?:

(Assessment Rate increase of 6.1%)

It is too high for an annual increase. What does this include?

3. Water increase of 12.2%

Water (pressure increase 30%) is being wasted through constant major water leaks in the area.  Emfuleni LM does not have the manpower or funding to attend to all the complaints received by the community. Water leaks takes weeks (after repeated reports) to be fixed while clean water runs down the roads.

4. Sewer increase of 12.2%:

The infrastructure is dilapidated and raw sewerage is running to the Vaal River.

Pump Stations

Major sewerage leaks are being reported and not fixed due to manpower and financial constraints.  The increase will not assist in better service.

5. Electricity Tariffs increased by 6.84%:

The electrical infrastructure of Emfuleni Local Municipality is in a very poor state.  Substations are dilapidated.  Manpower and budget is not available to maintain. Emfuleni’s current paying rate payers will not be able to afford this increase.  The increase will have no effect on the non payers and they will still have access to electricity.

Refuse Removal increased by 8%:

The Community is already complaining about the non-existent or partial removal of refuse.  The paying community is paying for a weekly service but only receives a Monthly service.  They do not get refunded for paying weekly. The non-paying community will continue with their culture of non-payment and will be satisfied with the current situation, since if is free.

7. All other tariffs increase with 6.1%:

What other services does the community receive that is being delivered by Emfuleni Local Municipality?

As a Community, we request No Increase for No Service.

Current paying residents will not pay higher tariffs so that non paying residents can continue receiving the same service for free.

Please complete before 25 June 2018


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