Save Grace House School

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Grace House school is an independent special needs school providing specialist education, for children up to the age of 19 with complex learning disabilities and disabilities.
Unfortunately the residential side was closed down amongst child cruelty allegations last year - allegations being the operative word as no action has been taken to date. Now as there is no residential side the intake number has been very low for education and sadly there is just 7 children in the whole of the school. Due to this low intake the school is now closing for good on the 27th March. This is an absolute travesty. Not only has my daughter’s world been turned upside down losing her residential placement, in just over a months time she has no guaranteed education provision. St Christopher’s/Grace House has been the absolute making of my daughter. She has thrived in all areas of her life. She became continent, her makaton improved to help her communication and her emotional resilience was fantastic. Grace House has never shown anything less than 100% commitment to my daughter and I think it’s disgusting that this service will close shortly. There is NO other service of its kind in this area at all. My daughter is now living back at home as nowhere else can ‘cope’ with her needs. Yet here I am at home with 2 younger children who both have their own special needs. How can Bristol afford to lose a long-standing education provision of this kind when there’s nowhere else like this locally. 
Please don’t believe everything you read in the press and put yourself in a frustrated parents shoes. I want the very best for my daughter  with as little transitions for her as possible. Without Grace House I don’t know where we would have been. As well as the school closing there are staff being made redundant with 20 years plus experience who could continue to make a real difference to these vulnerable children with nowhere else to go.