Protect Taunton's Galmington Stream - At Risk from Flooding and Pollution!

Protect Taunton's Galmington Stream - At Risk from Flooding and Pollution!

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Comeytrowe Residents started this petition to Cllr FedriSmith-Roberts and

Protect Galmington Stream - At Risk from Flooding and Pollution

‘Galmington Stream in Taunton is under threat and needs your support now'

The stream is a haven for wildlife that runs through the west side of Taunton into the town centre and is home to little egret, kingfishers, otters and other species of wildlife and waterfowl. It is enjoyed by plenty of the residents, where children and dogs play in the stream which runs through the back gardens of the local community.


Developers of the planned 2,000 homes for the Comeytrowe area of Taunton have submitted a planning application to build a large Foul Water (Sewage) Pumping Station, Mains Water Booster Station, Gas Pumping Station and a 330,000L Foul Water (Sewage) Storage Tank, to be sited in the field next to Horts Bridge, adjacent to Galmington Stream. See planning application at 

The New Planning Application no. 42/20/0042 

These pumping stations were never included in any of the developers plans or raised as a potential issue at any point in the planning application or consultations with the residents. The original planning application indicated that they recognised the need to protect Galmington Stream, especially at Horts Bridge, since this is in the Environment Agency Flood Zones 2 & 3 – of medium to high risk of flooding. The area was designated as a “Green Area”, to be used by the local community as parkland, provided at the heart of the community and to protect the environment.

The planning application for the pumping stations, close to the stream, puts the residents and the centre of Taunton under threat of serious flooding and pollution. There is also the additional threat of flooding and pollution during the development works themselves, as mentioned in the developer’s outline planning application as follows:

Extract from outline planning approval:

Part Approval of Condition 14 letter – Includes Effects of Construction

8. Water Resources and Flood Risk

8.2 Potential Impacts

8.2.4 Intense localized rainfall may cause minor localised flooding within the Site. Surface water would naturally concentrate within the field ditches before flowing down towards Galmington Stream.

8.2.5 The removal of trees and natural foliage and increase in impermeable surfaces would increase the level of surface water runoff from the Site due to a natural reduction in attenuation.

8.2.6 Increasing the rate and volume of runoff would potentially increase the likelihood of flooding on the Galmington Stream and increase the Flood Risk within the Taunton Town centre where the Galmington Stream converges with the river Tone.

10. Ecology and Natural Habitats

10.2 Potential Impacts

10.2.2 Due to the Site’s connectivity to South Taunton Streams LNR and Galmington Stream LWS there is potential for silt laden run-off/pollutants entering the Galmington Stream corridor on Site and being conveyed downstream.

And these impacts are separate to those that come with the installation of the proposed pumping stations ….

Foul Water (Sewage) Pumping Stations are frequently at risk of blockages and flooding during high rainfall, at which point raw sewage will be allowed to “spill” into the nearest waterway, in this case Galmington Stream. The otters and other inhabitants require a clean, freshwater stream to live in. The size and position of these pumping stations would increase the flood risk and the potential for pollution dramatically. If we do not ensure that these pumping stations are relocated elsewhere, we risk losing the wildlife population that exists in and around the stream and making the lives of residents very unpleasant.


The developers have hundreds of acres on which to position this utility site, we only ask that they move the compound away from Galmington Stream and residents, to somewhere safer.

PLEASE sign this petition to object to this planning application and ask that the Somerset West & Taunton Council, Council Planning Department, Wessex Water and Developers work to find a more suitable and sustainable area to site this utility compound.

Galmington Stream – Keep It Clean!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!