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A call for Cllr Anne Lee (Kettering) to RESIGN following her deplorable FB comments

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On Saturday 18th June 2016 elected Kettering Borough Councillor Anne Lee posted the following comment on her official Facebook profile:

“The Remain campaign stands for peace, human rights, economic prosperity and international collaboration. The Brexit camp stands for fear and hate, as testified this week by the cold-blooded murder of Jo Cox. I am proud to belong to the same party as Jo.”

It is not right for anyone to use the horrific murder of Jo Cox MP as a political tool nor is it right to alienate around half of those you serve by saying they stand for hate and fear, or that they are on par with a mentally disturbed murderer.

Elected officials of course have their own views and opinions and should be able to express them. However this post by Cllr Lee shows her contempt for those that support leaving the EU which could be around half of those she serves within Pipers Hill Ward, Kettering (based on current referendum polls).

Is it right that a person is serving as a Borough Councillor when they have such disregard for a large proportion of those she represents?

Is it right to use this terrible incident as a political tool to fuel a party / personal political agenda?

I am sorry Cllr Lee but we the undersigned have lost faith in your ability to represent Pipers Hill Ward and the people of Kettering as a result of this matter.

Please resign your position.

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