Contest Rezoning to PUD from R-1 In Clive, IA

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We (the homeowners of Shadow Creek, a development in Clive, IA) hereby object to the proposed re-zoning of the area just South of the current Shadow Creek Development.  Current zoning by all accounts is R-1 (Single family) with the proposed re-zoning to PUD (Planned Unit Development).

We the homeowners of Shadow Creek make available this petition to the Clive City Council as our voice in this matter.  We wish for the Clive City Council to vote to uphold the current zoning (R-1) on the grounds that a re-zoning to PUD will adversely affect the current residents of shadow creek and its neighboring communities. To date there are a significant amount of condos/town homes and attached single family dwellings being constructed just South of Douglas avenue, West of Alice's road in Clive/Waukee.  In addition to the above mentioned multi-family dwellings there are a number (10+) apartment buildings only a few blocks South of this area, completed last year.  The area has already become saturated with these types of dwellings.

We residents have spent a considerable amount of time and money making a life here, and a life we all love.  The value of our property and the equity we have worked so hard to achieve is in jeopardy if our area becomes a densely populated multi-family village.  The value of our homes range from the mid 300's to well over $800,000.  We are the taxpayers you want fighting for the right to keep what we have earned, and paid for. None of us want to look South upon a row of condos or town homes. We did not spend our life's savings building our dream homes to have a 3 story condo cast a massive shadow over our neighborhood.  Had we known this was even a possibility years ago I highly doubt a single family would have signed those mortgage documents.  

We all understood change would come to our quiet little area, but none of us ever thought our half million dollar homes could one day be flanked by a village of town homes.  We humbly request you vote along side the residents of Shadow Creek, the tax payers of Clive, for we want to continue to make this neighborhood the blessed place its been for nearly a decade.

Thank you  

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